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My Short Story

where it all began ...
My name is Jason Peterson and I have a small garden but each year I struggled with what to do to get the garden ready for planting.  I would either have to spend a huge cost on a tiller that would be used once a year or go through the hassle of renting a tiller. I then realized others must be in the same situation as I was.
I found a decent used tiller at a good price and then I started offering my services to till gardens at a price less then renting a tiller. I found a lot of people wanted this service. I have been able to get better equipment and offer more services like sod/seed prep for larger yards and lawn aeration.
After dozens of people asked me if I installed sod or hydroseeded I decided to expand into the hydroseeding market.  I compared sod to hydroseeding and I feel like hydroseeding is a better option for most people because of cost and quality. I enjoy tilling and look forward to helping you get your garden ready.

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To best contact us, please text or email. We reply to voicemails within 24 hrs.
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