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Hydroseeding is an alternative to laying sod. A Hydroseed mixture includes water, mulch, seed, fertilizer and tackifier. Tackifier is a substance that will act as a temporary glue that will keep the mulch and seed in place until the seed germinates. After the hydroseed slurry is sprayed on the ground it needs to be kept moist until the seeds germinate. 

With Hydroseeding you have a better selection of the types of grass than with sod. We can pick the type of grass that will work best for your situation. Different grasses do better in high shade areas than full sun area. There are options for higher drought tolerance. When your lawn is hydroseeded the grass grows in your own soil rather than at the sod farm and transplanted to your yard.


Hydroseeding is about 1/4 the cost of Sod. Sod can cost as much as $0.41 per square foot after its installed and hydroseeding is typically around $0.08 to $0.12 per square foot.

Our Hydroseeding Mixture

There are various types of mulches available. There is paper mulch which is basically shredded newspaper and there is wood mulch. The wood mulch fiber can absorb much more water than paper mulch. We always use the higher quality wood much in our hydroseeding mixes.
All seed is not created equal. 

We can help you choose the seed mix that will be best for you needs. We can seed residential area, commercial sites, horse pastures, wildflower mixes, native grasses and erosion control products.


The seed mix that we use is 99% weed free. Any weeds that grow are from seeds that area already in your soil. The freshly worked soil and frequent watering provide the perfect conditions for weed growth. However any weeds can easily be treated with a broad leaf weed killer after the lawn has been mowed several times.

We recommend spraying the weeds prior to tilling the soil and hydroseeding in order to reduce the amount of weeds you will see after hydroseeding. See the Pre Hydroseeding Instructions in the tips section on our website for more information.

Our Hydro seeding Process 

Step 1. Before Tilling
Step 2. During Tilling
Step 3. After Tilling 
Step 4. After Raking 
Step 4. After Hydro seeding 
Step 5. Three Weeks After Hydro Seeding 
Step 6. Eight Weeks After Hydro Seeding 

Pro tilling and Hydroseeding Warranty

ProTilling and Hydroseeding warrants that high-quality ingredients are used in our hydroseeding process.

If your hydroseeded lawn does not establish property, for up to one year, because of product or workmanship we will re-hydroseed the affected areas at a reduced rate to cover cost of materials.

The warranty does not cover:
1. A lawn that is washed out because of heavy rain fall.
2. Lack of growth due to: the of lack of fertilizing, over fertilizing, using the wrong fertilizer or the improper use of chemicals to kill weeds.
3. Lack of growth due to improper preparation of the soil prior to hydroseeding. (I will discuss this with you prior to hydroseeding if necessary)
4. Lack of growth due to improper watering.

90% of the success of your lawn comes from the care and attention it receives after it has been seeded.

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